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WeChat Official Account

A WeChat Official Account is the Chinese equivalent of a Facebook Page. It enables users to follow you and receive notifications from your brand and allows businesses to provide information sharing, product marketing, and customer liaison all within one central portal. Thereby providing a better overall customer experience to your Chinese customers.

  • Process Application and Verification
  • Set up WeChat Official Account profile
  • Set up 3 WeChat Official Account homepage buttons (link to your website)
  • One “Welcome” Auto-reply

Management of official account

Our professional account management team helps keep your official account up to date with current articles, homepage button links, and auto-reply contents. Whether you’re using one of our monthly service plans or has one of our customized management plans, our team will provide the utmost care and attention to your accounts details and needs.

  • Article posting
  • Auto-reply coding
  • Customized service
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wechat pay and alipay

WeChat Pay and Alipay

WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is an integrated function within the WeChat App and has over 1.1 billion daily active users. In 2017, WeChat Pay transacts $756 Billion CAD of payments, holding 39% of mobile payment market share in China.


Alipay was originally created to ensure security on the online mall Taobao. It is the largest 3rd party payment platform in the world, holding 54% of mobile payment market share in China.

Alipay is available in more than 70 countries and has been adopted by

over 80,000 retails stores outside of China. In 2017, Alipay transacts $1 Trillion CAD of payments. With over 520  million users, Alipay holds 70% of China ’s mobile payment platform.

Our Features

  • No setup fee
  • Low transaction rates
  • All payments are encrypted and secure
  • Functions as an online checkout gateway
  • Online API accepts all payment channels
  • Transaction data tracking
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  • Reach out to Chinese clients via WeChat
  • Promote wine sales with menu items
  • Enhance efficiency for your clients and staff
  • Short set-up time (uploaded within 14 days)
  • Environmentally friendly – it’s paperless!